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Accelerated Reader


What is accelerated reader?

Accelerated Reader is a programme designed to boost achievement in literacy and across the curriculum. It does this by making students read regularly at exactly the right level and by carefully monitoring every student’s individual progress. As a result student reading ages are boosted more quickly than normal.

Why have we chosen to use Accelerated Reader with KS3?

We chose Accelerated Reader so that every child can reach their full potential and we know that it encourages and motivates students to read and enables teachers and parents to monitor students’ reading at KS3.

Being a good reader will help students in every area of the curriculum, not just English. Helping students to read with confidence should improve their chances at GCSE level too. 

How does it work? 

Students in years 7, 8 and 9 are all taking part in Accelerated Reader.

First of all, every student sits a short online reading test in school. This gives students a personalised Reading Range – their ‘Zone of Proximal Development’ – this enables students to find a book which is exactly at the right reading level. Every book in school now has a reading level so when they finish a book, they will be able to access the library and choose another one that has the appropriate reading age.

As soon as students finish a book, they take a fun on-line quiz which provides instant feedback for the students – and allows staff to monitor progress and pick up issues. The quizzes will be available in some English lessons and on certain days in the library before and after school and at lunchtime. Once students quiz, they can select a new book.

Your child’s English teachers, the SENCO and Learning Support Department and the school librarian will all have access to your child’s reading progress. This will be shared with the students and parents too at appropriate times during the year.

How can you help?

Students should have their Accelerated Reader book with them at all times – just like they would have their pen, pencil or planner. Form tutors will check this at registration time.  

Students should be reading for a minimum of thirty minutes a day – most of this will be done in school, either at registration time or during English lessons.

You could support us by reading a book at home in front of your child or talking to your child about the Accelerated Reader book they are reading. Together, we can ensure your child becomes an accelerated reader.

You can help your child choose their next book by visiting the AR BookFinder website. Students wishing to look up titles that are part of the Accelerated Reader programme can search through over 25,000 books on

For more information, please follow the links below:

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