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Meole Brace School

Meole Brace School

School Parliament

We have a vibrant and active school parliament comprising two representatives from each tutor group. These one hundred students meet half-termly as a school parliament, each parliament session being managed by our team of ten senior prefects, with two prefects working closely with the representatives from each year group. For each meeting, form representatives bring views and ideas from their tutor groups and then disseminate information back to them via form tutors. Following the parliament meetings, further discussions then take place between prefects and school staff in order to make the improvements and changes resulting from the parliament discussions. These outcomes and changes are then communicated to the student body by senior prefects and form tutors.

There have been several, significant changes and improvements made this year as a direct result of school parliament meetings and discussions in areas including: catering arrangements and facilities and house events (particularly between students and staff). School parliament is very much an ongoing process and there are a series of areas of school life where parliament representatives, senior prefects and staff are working closely to make further improvements.

In addition to representatives, we also have two students (year 9 and 10) who sit on the Trust parliament council. As for our school parliament, their work is ongoing.

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